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Statement: 36336410 - metaforexsignals

Total Net Profit : -336.75 $
Win Trades : 1 (14.29%)
Loss trades : 6 (85.71%)
Update 2018 August 21, 07:55
Lastest Closed Transactions Update 2018 August 21, 07:55 Account: LIVE RESULTS
TicketOpen TimeS/BSizeItem PriceS / LT / PClose Time PriceComTaxeSwapPROFIT DOLLARS
3449803622018.08.21 03:23:34sell1.00audusd0.733910.734910.732912018.08.21 03:35:040.734910.000.000.00-100.00
3449786652018.08.21 03:16:49sell1.00audusd0.733780.734780.732782018.08.21 03:34:590.734780.000.000.00-100.00
3449784122018.08.21 03:16:05buy1.00usdcad1.304391.303391.305392018.08.21 03:34:091.303390.000.000.00-76.72
3449768312018.08.21 03:10:01buy1.00eurjpy126.3220.0000.0002018.08.21 03:12:26126.3270.
3449756442018.08.21 03:04:14buy1.00eurjpy126.3130.0000.0002018.08.21 03:08:50126.2880.000.000.00-22.74
3449739282018.08.21 02:56:13buy1.00eurjpy126.376126.366126.3862018.08.21 02:57:00126.3660.000.000.00-9.09
3449736162018.08.21 02:54:32buy1.00eurjpy126.3830.0000.0002018.08.21 02:55:38126.3470.000.000.00-32.74
3449672272018.08.21 02:20:06balanceDeposit100 000.00
  0.00 0.00 0.00 -336.75
Closed P/L: -336.75
Gross Profit: 4.54 Gross Loss: 341.29 Total Net Profit: -336.75
Profit Factor: 0.01 Expected Payoff: -48.11  
Absolute Drawdown: 336.75 Maximal Drawdown: 336.75 (0.34%) Relative Drawdown: 0.34% (336.75)
Total Trades: 7 Short Positions (won %): 2 (0.00%) Long Positions (won %): 5 (20.00%)
Profit Trades (% of total): 1 (14.29%) Loss trades (% of total): 6 (85.71%)
Largest profit trade: 4.54 loss trade: -100.00
Average profit trade: 4.54 loss trade: -56.88
Maximum consecutive wins ($): 1 (4.54) consecutive losses ($): 3 (-276.72)
Maximal consecutive profit (count): 4.54 (1) consecutive loss (count): -276.72 (3)
Average consecutive wins: 1 consecutive losses: 3

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